Fact-check: Expert take on 6 tuberculosis myths

TB is curable, but the biggest challenge remains the general lack of awareness about the disease, coupled with poor health seeking behaviours among most people. Tuberculosis (TB) is a common, and in many cases fatal, infectious disease caused by Mycobacterium tuberculosis that attacks the lungs, and can affect other parts of the body too. According […]

Japanese water therapy & weight loss

Fact-check: Japanese water therapy & weight loss

While drinking water on an empty stomach can temporarily boost metabolism, there is insufficient scientific evidence to support the dubious weight loss claims made by advocates of Japanese water therapy. In recent years, Japanese water therapy has gained popularity as a method for weight loss. Advocates claim that drinking water first thing in the morning on […]

dietary fats

Fact-check – Not all dietary fats are evil

Inclusion of a variety of nutrient-dense fats as part of a balanced diet can help individuals reap myriad health benefits, while minimising the risks associated with excessive consumption. Is dietary fat evil? That’s the question a reader asked First Check. The short answer is no. The notion that all dietary fat is evil stems from […]

climate change

Fact-check: Meatless diet can help fight climate change

About 15% of global greenhouse emissions result from livestock farming, nearly equivalent to those generated by the transportation sector. Is it healthier for the planet if humans stop consuming meat? That’s the question a reader asked First Check. After going through the scientific evidence – there’s a lot of promising research happening in this area […]

Bulletproof coffee

Fact-check: Bulletproof coffee no magic bullet to weight loss

While the coffee concoction can kill food cravings and give an instant energy boost, low micronutrients and high amounts of fat can harm people with chronic diseases or cholesterol issues. If the social media buzz is to be believed, there’s a new elixir for weight loss! Bulletproof coffee, also known as coffee with ghee or […]

mental health

Fact-check: DIY Vagus nerve massage can’t cure mental health issues

On social media, rubs and massages that “tone” one of our body’s longest nerves have been claimed to remedy anxiety and other psychological ailments. However, it lacks robust scientific backing. There’s a sudden increase in popularity of vagus nerve massage, especially on social media. Some of the viral videos on YouTube and other social media […]


Fact-check: No magic diet can cure it all

The hype about Master Cleanse, Mono Diet, or Mediterranean diet on social media tends to make huge generalisations and often distorts or ignores scientific evidence. Social media platforms are abuzz with popular diets that claim to offer myriad health benefits and life-changing transformation. From Frugivore, a raw food/fruit-based diet, pushed by YouTubers and their ilk, […]

Fact-check: Brain death is not a hoax 

Unscientific claims about brain death often deter people from organ donation. However, it’s important to know that there are strict medical criteria for organ retrieval.

100 fake COVID-19 WhatsApp forwards that we almost believed

The spread of dubious claims and false information during the coronavirus outbreak has been rapid on the popular messaging platform – WhatsApp. Here, with the help of our team of doctors and fact-checkers, we debunk the hundred most widely circulated and harmful content and claims related to COVID-19.