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Explainer: How food insecurity affects mental health

Published on : Nov 29, 2023

Recent conflicts in Palestine, Ukraine and Congo underscore how the...

: Florica Brahma
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Explainer: The toll of war on mental health

Published on : Nov 3, 2023

The mental scars of undergoing trauma, or even witnessing traumatic...

: Pratibha
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Fact-check: The link between biodiversity and mental health

Published on : Sep 18, 2023

There’s an urgent need to prioritise the health of our...

: Florica Brahma
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World Bipolar Day: Raise awareness, eliminate social stigma 

Published on : Mar 30, 2023

A serious mental health condition, bipolar disorder that can be...

: Snehasree Neogy
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Fact-check: St. John’s wort not superior to antidepressants 

Published on : Dec 9, 2022

It’s understandable that patients would be tempted to prepare the...

: Tej Kumar
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International Women’s Day: Breaking the mental health bias

Published on : Mar 8, 2022

Women often suffer silently. Whether it’s stress, anxiety, or post-partum...

: Dr Sabba Mehmood
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It’s okay not to be positive all the time

Published on : Oct 9, 2021

This World Mental Health Day, let’s aim for balance and...

: Dr. Debanjan Banerjee
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Depression & anxiety: 3 myths about medical treatments

Published on : Sep 14, 2021

Investigating misleading claims made by a viral YouTube video on...

: Tej Kumar