Syed Nazakat is an award-winning Indian journalist, media entrepreneur, founder of DataLEADS, a digital media company which runs First Check. He works at the intersection of media, open data, technology and governance. He leads DataLEADS in New Delhi, as well as oversees its outreach across Asia with different partners, including with Google. He has worked […]


As a health professional with over 15 years of clinical and public health experience, Dr Sabba Mehmood has undertaken a variety of roles in medical practice. She has worked as a Medical Officer at the Community Medicine Department of Government Medical College (Srinagar) , a doctor in Internal Medicine and Infection Control departments , Apollo […]


Surbhi Pandit Nangia Vice President – Partnerships and Outreach at First Check. She has over 20 years of experience in media with expertise in marketing and sales. Surbhi started her career with The New Indian Express and then moved on to Business Week as Country Representative. She also worked as Vice President – Sales and […]


A health journalist for 17+ years, Jisha is passionate about telling healthcare stories that are powered by data, insight and humanity. At First Check, she collaborates with doctors, health researchers, data scientists, fact checkers and journalists from across the globe to fight the epidemic of health misinformation and disinformation.Jisha is driven by the relentless desire […]


When human beings follow misinformation it is not uncommon for their lives to unravel. Tej’s great passion is debunking fake news, particularly related to health. Tej wants to help readers to understand the complications of following unscientific and pseudoscientific procedures. His vision is to see a misinformation-free, Caste/Gender-Equal society where all people should have access […]


Pratibha is the Deputy Program Manager at DataLEADS. Her work involves social media monitoring and writing fact-check articles. Her faith in the importance of unbiased information keeps her motivated to keep going. She holds her Bachelors from Delhi University with English and History majors. She has worked previously with organisations such as WWF-India, Global health […]


Bhargavi, an electrical engineer by education, channels her passion for data into her role as a Data Analyst at First Check. With over two years of experience, she brings data to life, bridging the gap between raw data and storytelling while ensuring the reliability and trustworthiness of our content. Bhargavi also takes proactive steps to […]


Hashim Ahmad Hakeem is a dedicated and experienced professional with a passion for storytelling. He holds a Master’s degree in Journalism from the University of Kashmir and a Diploma in Visual Journalism from Ateneo De Manila University. With over 8 years of experience as a digital content creator, Hashim has not only excelled in his […]


Journalism graduate turned visual storyteller, Shashank is currently a video editor at DataLEADS. With experience in video editing and a past life in content writing, he has excelled at the art of visual storytelling. Shashank’s passion lies in creating videos, documentaries, and short films that captivate and inspire. He firmly believes in the power of […]


Aliya Zainab is the Assistant Video Editor. Her work revolves around editing and developing video content ideas for all the verticals of DataLEADS. She has completed her Bachelors in English from Jamia Millia Islamia, Delhi and has a rousing passion for reading and video editing. She chose the field of video editing because she thrives […]


Disha is an MBA in marketing & finance. She started her career in marketing and soon developed an interest in Digital marketing. She is passionate about her work as each day teaches her a new thing. Her ultimate mantra in life, she says quoting Marianne Williamson, “Atonement means putting love first. In business as well […]


Florica Brahma has a master’s degree in Mass Communication, Journalism, and Media Studies and a bachelor’s degree in English Literature. With two years of prior experience in news media, Florica brings expertise and a deep-rooted passion for journalism. Her perspective as someone who has grown up with privilege drives her to use her position to […]