Castor oil

Fact-check: Castor oil is not a magic pill

Contrary to what social media influencers may claim, castor oil cannot dissolve tumours, cure arthritis or detox the liver; at best, it may provide short-term relief from constipation.  A viral video on Facebook and YouTube claims that castor oil can not only prevent life-threatening diseases, but it can also help patients fully recover from them. […]

SCD treatment

India gets first indigenous hydroxyurea oral suspension for SCD treatment

The country ranks second worldwide in sickle cell disease incidence, with 102,021 reported cases, particularly among certain tribal populations.  Recently, India got its first indigenous hydroxyurea oral suspension for the treatment of sickle cell disease (SCD), a genetic blood disorder. Akums Drugs and Pharmaceuticals Limited is expected to manufacture the drug at one per cent […]

Fasting cannot cure cancer

Fact-check: Fasting cannot cure cancer

Researchers caution against oversimplification as autophagy has been attributed tumour-suppressive as well as tumour-promoting functions.  A viral video on YouTube (with 10K views at the time of writing this) claims that fasting can cure cancer, among many other ailments. The video, narrated in the Malayalam language, asserts that the practice of fasting, common in many […]