Clove oil

Fact-check: Clove oil may provide temporary relief from toothache, but it can be toxic.

Using dried clove or clove oil may induce liver harm, acute infection, and gum discomfort. Clove oil, an aromatic essential oil obtained from clove plants, is a popular home remedy for toothaches. From Ayurvedic and Chinese medicine practitioners to social media influencers, there’s no dearth of people who consider cloves to be a natural remedy […]

Diapers infertility

Fact-check: Diapers don’t cause infertility in male infants

Sperms are not produced until adolescence, and any potential effects from wearing diapers are likely to have dissipated by that time. Aarizo Jan, a new mother from Budgam district in Kashmir, India, was advised by her grandmother-in-law to avoid using diapers for her infant boy. She was warned that it could cause reproductive health issues […]

deworming pill

Fact-check: Kids can be given deworming pill in all weathers

Deworming tablets, such as Albendazole and Mebendazole, can be taken at any time of year, and without the imposition of any dietary restrictions. A popular old wives’ tale in many parts of India claims that children should be given deworming medication only when the temperatures are moderate. That is, when the weather conditions are neither […]


Fact-check: Shaving does not promote hair growth

It is a complex process influenced by various factors, such as the hair growth cycle, age, immunity, and vitamin intake. In many cultures around the world, the practice of tonsuring (shaving hair on the scalp) is a common phenomenon. Apart from the religious significance, it is widely believed that shaving promotes hair growth in infants, […]


Debunking 5 autism myths

Dr Apurva Kumar Pandya, Director of Parul Institute of Public Health and Faculty of Medicine at Parul University, Gujarat, India, shines a light on autism spectrum disorder, an oft-misunderstood group of conditions related to the development of the brain.  Autism, also known as autism spectrum disorder (ASD), is a condition related to brain development that […]

Hot water + pineapple

Fact-check: Hot water + pineapple ≠ cancer cure

Bromelain could be a promising therapy for colorectal cancer. However, further research is essential to confirm its efficacy.  A social media post titled ‘Defeated Cancer’ claims that hot water infused with pineapple can cure any type of cancer, Since the post first went viral in August 2019, it has resurfaced in multiple languages, including English […]

Fact-check: Sambar cannot prevent, cure colon cancer 

Does sambar, a popular South Indian staple, have anticancer properties that could be effective in preventing or treating colon cancer? Viral social media posts seem to indicate so. However, there’s little scientific evidence to back the claim. 

Fact-check: Eating pineapple doesn’t cause miscarriage

It’s commonly believed that consuming pineapple during pregnancy can lead to a miscarriage. There are YouTube videos, with millions of views, as well as articles in mainstream media advising expectant mothers to steer clear of the tropical fruit.

Fact-check: Boiled Coca-Cola cannot cure fever, common cold

YouTube content creators who put out home remedies for health problems have a huge online following. A video on YouTube, for example, claims that a brew of heated Coca-Cola, honey, and ginger can help reduce body temperature as well as treat common cold.