Mental Health

Explainer: The toll of war on mental health

The mental scars of undergoing trauma, or even witnessing traumatic content online, can have lasting effects over one’s psyche that manifest in different ways. As the world navigates through another gruesome geo-political conflict, it’s important to remember that wars not only have devastating effects on economies and societies, but also on the lives of people. […]


Fact-check: No harm in consuming bananas and milk together

They are good additions to support post-workout recovery for muscle and tissue repair. Is consuming milk with bananas bad for your health? The internet seems divided on the issue, even as many consider the combination to be a powerful post-workout meal. Bananas are an excellent source of energy and potassium, while milk provides a boost of proteins and calcium. […]


Fact-check: Almond skins do not cause cancer

The skin of almonds is rich in fibre due to the presence of polyphenols that act as protective agents against cardiovascular diseases and cancers. A video on Facebook, with over 3 million views, featuring Jagdish Vasudev, popularly known as Sadhguru, claims that almond skin contains carcinogenic chemicals. People should consume almonds only after adequately soaking […]


Smoking: Myths vs facts

A scientific look at six common smoking narratives to sift the many myths from facts. The myths about smoking are so widespread that it is often difficult to recognise them. We accept them as facts because everybody seems to believe so. It’s time we take a scientific look at these common smoking narratives in order […]

Explainer: What teeth whitening can and cannot do

Looking for an effective teeth whitening solution? Learn what teeth whitening products can and cannot do for your oral hygiene. While they can enhance the appearance of your teeth, they cannot improve oral health. Consult a doctor before using over-the-counter products, and choose professional teeth whitening for safe and effective results. Plus, discover why yellow or creamy coloured teeth are normal and not necessarily unhealthy. Read on for more insights.


No, marijuana cannot cure cancer

Studies have explored the possible benefits of medical marijuana on cancer symptoms and treatment side effects. 


Fact-check: MSG is safe for human consumption

Despite several claims of adverse health effects of MSG, studies find that the widely used food additive does not pose any serious hazards to the body. 

Fact-checking: Why context matters

In other words, adjuvants are not as “dangerous” as the social media posts may have you believe. It’s important to also consider the context and not just the facts.