‘Stop the spread of Germans’ image is manipulated

‘Stop the spread of Germans’ image is manipulated

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An image circulating on social media saying "stop the spread of Germans" is clearly manipulated. 

By Sahil Bali

A photo-shopped image is being shared on social media platforms claiming to show the Dubai Covid-19 facility with a message stating “Stop the spread of Germans”.  The image is being shared in the backdrop of the Covid-19 vaccination drive across the world. We received this image on WhatsApp, and it looked like a typo but the image is photo-shopped. The image was changed from "stop the spread of germs" to “Germans”.


We did a relevant keyword search and found similar pictures of the Covid-19 vaccination centers.


We have found that the pictures are of Abu Dhabi Health Services Company [SEHA] Covid-19 vaccination centres. The centres are the government’s initiative to increase the testing capabilities thereby curbing the spread of Covid-19 in UAE.   

We have closely checked the image using Invid magnifier tool and found the words “ans” were written in different font and colour and were also poorly photoshopped.


We have also managed to retrieve similar pictures of the Al Khawaneej Covid-19 Vaccination Center. In the original picture it can easily be spotted that the message says “Stop the spread of germs” instead of “Stop the spread of Germans”.


Below is the comparison of the doctored image [L] and the original image.


In response to this, SEHA said in a tweet, “the following image that has been circulating around social media is photoshopped,” 

“Although we appreciate a good joke, Seha would like to clarify that it is in no way associated with this image, its message, or its distribution.