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Why health fact-checking is still important

Published on : Apr 5, 2024

It’s not just COVID — it’s measles, HPV, fake cures...

: Jisha Krishnan
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Bridging the Gap: Making Health Information Accessible

Published on : Apr 10, 2023

As a verified signatory of IFCN, First Check has been...

: Jisha Krishnan
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‘GPs have a crucial role to play’

Published on : Apr 6, 2023

Dr Siti Fatimah, First Check member and general practitioner from...

: Aliya Zainab 
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Perils of misleading health information | International Fact-Checking Day 2023

Published on : Apr 3, 2023

During the pandemic, unproven claims prevented people from taking vaccination...

: Safna Malik