Debunking 6 viral claims about COVID-19 remedies

Debunking 6 viral claims about COVID-19 remedies

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There’s no dearth of posts on social media platforms claiming to have found the cure for the coronavirus. Here’s one in Hindi that makes not one, but several claims about COVID-19 cures and prevention.


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First Check looks at these claims in the light of the available scientific evidence.

Claim 1: Drinking milk three times a day with Shilajit, and Licorice (Mulethi) for five days can help beat the virus.

Claim 2: Drinking ash of Phyllostachys nigra (black bamboo) mixed with honey and cow’s milk is a potent treatment for COVID-19.

Claim 3: Drinking milk with honey on an empty stomach is the antidote to the infection.

Fact: Shilajit, Licorice and Phyllostachys Nigra are Ayurvedic herbs and currently, there is no evidence to support the use of herbal supplements as a preventive measure/cure for COVID-19. While drinking milk mixed with a few drops of honey can be good for one’s digestive system, there’s no scientific study to back claims about the drink’s influence on the virus.

Claim 4: If the patient has energy then s/he should run half an hour twice a day. This will burn the cough inside. 

Claim 5: Do half an hour of meditation twice a day to stay away from COVID-19. 

Fact: Exercise and meditation are important to maintain a healthy lifestyle, but if a person has contracted COVID-19, strenuous physical activities may further worsen the symptoms. As per a study published in JAMA Cardiology, exercise can sometimes induce vascular inflammation, myocarditis, and cardiac arrhythmias in certain cases.

Claim 6: Keep the room temperature at 30-40 degrees Celsius to prevent COVID-19.

Fact: There’s no scientific reason to believe that temperature modification acts as a preventive measure for coronavirus. The World Health Organization (WHO) commends ventilation as an important factor in preventing the virus. This, primarily, promotes healthy air circulation and curbs the spread of the virus indoors.

All said and done, until we have a vaccine for COVID-19, the best way to avoid the infection is to reduce one’s risk of getting exposed to the virus. Supporting the immune system by consuming healthy foods and maintaining a healthy lifestyle is essential. However, it’s important to remember that they do not offer any immunity against the virus.