No scientific evidence yet to prove cow urine can cure cancer

No scientific evidence yet to prove cow urine can cure cancer

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Unless there’s solid data from human-centric research on the chemotherapeutic potential of cow urine, it’s prudent to stay wary of miracle cures based on anecdotal data.

By Tej Kumar

Last year, while addressing the Rajya Sabha, former Union Minister Oscar Fernandes had shared an anecdote about a man who claimed to be cured of cancer by drinking cow urine. The viral video has resurfaced on many social media platforms with people extolling the health benefits of consuming cow urine.

The video has been re-uploaded on many social media handles; you can watch them herehere, and here. At Health Analytics Asia, we received a request from a reader to help verify the claim.

While there are no scientific studies yet to prove that cow urine can cure cancer, there is a promising study on the chemotherapeutic potential of cow urine published in the Journal of Intercultural Ethno pharmacology. However, the study was conducted on mice, and there have been no human trials till now. We need more human-centric research in order to analyse the potential of cow urine in treating cancer, says the paper.

Dr. Sharad Desai, Secretary, Indian Association of Surgical Oncology & Director, Mahatma Gandhi Cancer Hospital, Miraj, Maharashtra notes, “I am not aware of any data which shows that cow urine helps in cancer cure. We are yet to be able to measure or quantify the elements in cow’s urine which can cure cancer. So it is not possible for us to confirm the benefits.”

Dr. Suresh Somayajula, Homeopathic Physician and Former President of Indian Institute of Homeopathy of Vizag District, Andhra Pradesh, concurred. “Lots of research is happening on the subject, but none of them have yielded any confirmatory evidence as of now. Everything in nature can act as a medicine, including cow urine, which has anti-oxidant properties. But that doesn’t mean it will cure cancer. Also, there are limitations to prescribing cow urine as a cure for all ailments – from hypertension and obesity to insulin resistance, kidney diseases, and cardiovascular diseases.”

To sum up, there is no scientific evidence yet, either in allopathy or homeopathy, to prove the claim that cow urine can cure cancer. Delaying treatment, backed by sound medical advice, on the basis of such unscientific claims can cost lives.