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Wearing makeup during exercise not healthy for skin: Study

Published on : May 15, 2024

The heightened moisture retention could potentially hinder the natural evaporation...

: First Check Team
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Fact-check: Want to become taller? Ashwagandha is not the answer!

Published on : Oct 9, 2023

Height is primarily determined by genetics, and the growth plates...

: Florica Brahma
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First Check inducts four new members

Published on : Apr 13, 2023

The global health fact-checking initiative grows stronger with 53 health...

: Aliya Zainab 
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International Yoga Day 2022: Busting Yoga Myths

Published on : Jun 21, 2022

Misconceptions about yoga hold people back from stepping on the...

: Misthy Sablok
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Why medical professionals need to take up fact-checking

Published on : Apr 2, 2022

It’s not good enough to know that you know the...

: Zayed Aboali
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International Women’s Day: Breaking the mental health bias

Published on : Mar 8, 2022

Women often suffer silently. Whether it’s stress, anxiety, or post-partum...

: Dr Sabba Mehmood
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First Check inducts five new members 

Published on : Feb 12, 2022

A flagship initiative of DataLeads and signatory of the International...

: Jisha Krishnan