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False claims touting cough syrup as ‘Covid-19 cure’ is misleading

Published on : Jun 14, 2021

A YouTube video claiming Bromhexine syrup as a cure of...

: Tej Kumar
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Real vs fake Remdesivir injections: Know the difference

Published on : May 12, 2021

An injection named Covipri is circulating on social media, with...

: Tej Kumar
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Homoeopathic medicine Aspidosperma Q does not instantly increase oxygen levels

Published on : May 1, 2021

Intake of a few drops of Aspidosperma Q in water...

: Pushpita Dey
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Fact-checking medical misinformation

Published on : Nov 26, 2020

Top fact-checkers from Asia share personal stories, deep insights, and...

: Jisha Krishnan