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Rise of anti-science movement claims millions of lives, warns researcher

Published on : Oct 19, 2023

In his book ‘The Deadly Rise of Anti-Science: a Scientist’s...

: First Check Team
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A good start: YouTube’s long-term vision for medical misinformation policies

Published on : Aug 16, 2023

The platform will streamline existing guidelines to fall under three...

: First Check Team
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What The Fact – India blames women for climate change woes

Published on : Nov 2, 2021

There is a sizeable section that peddles misinformation, mis-attributes natural...

: Varadarajan Ananthakrishnan
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No, there is no scientific evidence that mucormycosis can spread from chicken to humans

Published on : Jun 4, 2021

A viral YouTube video claims that "Black Fungus came from...

: Tej Kumar
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Video claiming tap water tested positive for COVID-19 is misleading

Published on : May 2, 2021

A video indicating that tap water can test positive for...

: Abeen Shayiq
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Videos promoting COVID-19 conspiracies are re-emerging despite a crackdown

Published on : Apr 9, 2021

A year after the pandemic, the conspiracy theory that coronavirus...

: Abeen Shayiq
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Three-pronged approach to fight the infodemic

Published on : Feb 19, 2021

Misinformation and rumours are three times more likely to be...

: Dr. Apurva Kumar Pandya
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Post about vaccines containing toxic levels of ingredients is misleading

Published on : Jan 19, 2021

The substances listed in the social media post are present...

: Sahil Bali
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Fact-checking medical misinformation

Published on : Nov 26, 2020

Top fact-checkers from Asia share personal stories, deep insights, and...

: Jisha Krishnan
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Myths about polycystic ovary syndrome and why they’re misleading

Published on : Sep 21, 2020

Since polycystic ovary syndrome is not well understood, there is widespread...

: Nabeela Khan
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Labelling garlic as a cure for cancer is false, misleading

Published on : Aug 21, 2020

A Facebook page is promoting the use of garlic to...

: Abeen Bilal
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Battling vaccine misinformation: MMR vaccine has no association with Autism

Published on : Aug 14, 2020

There's scientific evidence to prove that the MMR vaccine doesn't...

: Nabeela Khan
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No, Vicks VapoRub will not help in reducing belly fat

Published on : Aug 6, 2020

There is no scientific evidence to prove that Vicks VapoRub, a topical...

: Parul Goswami
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Analysing social media response to COVID-19 misinformation

Published on : Jul 6, 2020

Social media platforms are under constant pressure to regulate misinformation....

: Nabeela Khan