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Leprosy: 3 myths that refuse to die

Published on : Feb 1, 2024

Despite being one of the oldest diseases known to mankind,...

: Florica Brahma
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Fact-check: It’s time to rethink diabetes myths

Published on : Jul 11, 2023

Dr Maulik Patel, First Check member and consultant physician from...

: Aliya Zainab 
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Fact-check : 5 prevalent myths about skin donation

Published on : Jun 7, 2023

Dr Maneesh Singhal, Professor, and Head of the Department of...

: Zoya Hussain
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Smoking: Myths vs facts

Published on : Jun 2, 2023

A scientific look at six common smoking narratives to sift...

: Pratibha
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Debunking 4 myths about menstrual cups, tampons

Published on : May 16, 2023

Dr Shehla Jamal, a gynecologist and menstrual health expert from...

: Zoya Hussain