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Ultra-processed foods impact physical & mental health: Study

Published on : Mar 7, 2024

Researchers find strong association between consumption of ultra-processed foods and...

: Vani Singh
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Fact-check: Eggs, fruits, oats are not unhealthy breakfast

Published on : Feb 7, 2024

There isn’t much nutritional value to white bread though. A...

: Florica Brahma
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World Diabetes Day 2023: Cut down on air pollution to reduce blood sugar levels

Published on : Nov 14, 2023

About one-fifth of the global burden of type 2 diabetes...

: Florica Brahma
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Fact-check: It’s time to rethink diabetes myths

Published on : Jul 11, 2023

Dr Maulik Patel, First Check member and consultant physician from...

: Aliya Zainab 
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Fact-check: Eating sugar doesn’t cause diabetes

Published on : Feb 1, 2023

Scientific evidence shows that the link between sugar and diabetes...

: Toibah Kirmani
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Bitter gourd juice cannot cure diabetes

Published on : Oct 13, 2021

Contrary to what viral YouTube videos claim, studies show that...

: Tej Kumar