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Fact-check: Beauty products, home remedies cannot make you fairer

Published on : Jan 24, 2023

While many factors influence the skin tone, the pigment melanin...

: Toibah Kirmani
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Fact-check: Mud baths not a blanket therapy 

Published on : Dec 9, 2022

Spas and salons do have mud scrubbing treatments, but they...

: Pratibha
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Fact-check: Monkeypox is not a skin disease

Published on : Jun 7, 2022

A viral disease, monkeypox currently has no clinically proven cure...

: Tej Kumar
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Fact-check: Sunscreens don’t cause cancer

Published on : May 17, 2022

Most of the unfounded fears are essentially about the chemical...

: Tej Kumar