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Fact-check: Meatless diet can help fight climate change

Published on : Feb 9, 2024

About 15% of global greenhouse emissions result from livestock farming,...

: Deepika Khurana
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Climate change: Warm winters set new temperature records globally

Published on : Jan 19, 2024

Disruption of winter upsets a series of vital environmental processes...

: Riyaz Wani
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Climate change debate: putting health first

Published on : Jan 4, 2024

Despite the enormous global attention being paid to climate change,...

: Riyaz Wani
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Exodus from Sundarbans: India’s climate refugees need help

Published on : Dec 16, 2023

The sea-level rise, frequent cyclonic storms, and disappearing islands of...

: Sadia Azim
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Pandemic of Climate Depression

Published on : Dec 11, 2023

The climate-induced mental health issues, studies indicate, are only going...

: Riyaz Wani
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Decarbonizing our lives

Published on : Dec 9, 2023

Our energy-intensive lifestyles are sending billions of tons of yearly...

: Riyaz Wani
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Explainer: How climate change causes a surge in dengue cases

Published on : Dec 8, 2023

The transmission of dengue is intricately linked to three pivotal...

: Florica Brahma
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Climate discourse taking centre stage

Published on : Dec 4, 2023

While growing scientific evidence has raised the climate consciousness in...

: Riyaz Wani
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370% rise in heat-related deaths by 2050 if climate goals unmet: The Lancet report

Published on : Nov 16, 2023

The 2023 report of the Lancet Countdown on health and...

: First Check Team
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What The Fact – India blames women for climate change woes

Published on : Nov 2, 2021

There is a sizeable section that peddles misinformation, mis-attributes natural...

: Varadarajan Ananthakrishnan
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Theories linking women and “sins of people” to natural calamities are absurd, and wrong

Published on : Oct 22, 2021

Absurd theories float around natural calamities that blame females and...

: N Ahmad